We Bring In A Variety Of Fresh Fish And Shellfish Supplied By LBI's Viking Village, Located In Barnegat Light
Our Summer Season Brings With It Not Just Warm Water, But A Variety Of Fish Schools That Follow The Gulf Stream. YellowFin and Big Eye Tuna Schools Reach The Canyons Off New Jersey's Coast Following An Eddy (Spin-Off) Of Nutrient Rich Water.
Gulf Stream Map
This Map Of The Gulf Stream Shows The Warm Water Piercing Through The Cold Water During The Summer Months.
YellowFin Tuna School
Schools of Tuna Follow The Nutrient-Rich Water Carried North By The Gulf Stream.

Another Valuable Fisherie In New Jersey Is The Atlantic Deep-Sea Scallop. This Scallop Has A Very Large Adductor Muscle That Is Very Tasty.